My Favorite colorado Honeys

There is nothing in the world like fresh honeycomb. Even typing about it makes my mouth water. Earth’s edible gold is plant medicine transmuted by honeybees into its sweetest form. I have tasted some amazing honeys from around the world, however, detailed below are some of my most favorite local Colorado honeys. This list is always evolving, completely subjective and dependent on my current location. Before flavor even comes into the picture, I am always sourcing raw honey from beekeeper’s with sustainable honeybee management practices. If you think your bees’ honey can top the chart, please connect with me!


Bjorn’s Propolis Colorado Honey

When beekeepers understand that honey is not just a sweetener, and that it is true medicine, this is the quality of honey that can be produced. When I first reached out to Bjorn’s Colorado Honey in 2018, it was to see if I wanted to use their honey for my Colorado Honey Tasting event. Their honey is wildflower and clover mixed, and they have a Propolis variety in which Pontus, their beekeeper, mixes high-quality propolis extract into his whipped honey. Not only are you tasting the flowers, but you are tasting the trees! The combination is heaven on earth.

Highland Honey

I have never spoken to a more animated and high vibe beekeeper than Tim Brod of Highland Honey. He loves his honeybees, and their honey is a happy reflection of this love. I also reached out to Tim for my Colorado Honey Tasting event in 2018, and he was so sweet to share some of his private reserve of raw honeycomb with me! Check out their newest herbal blend honeys! This man and his honeybees are truly creating magic.

My Honeybee heros

There are so many people doing more to help the bees these days. This is just a little list of some of my biggest honeybee inspirations and heroes. Please click on their images to be directed to their websites.

Paul Stamets

I mean… where do I begin? Check our my Blog about his work! I am confident to say his work is some of the most important work of our current existence.

C. Marina marchese

The Co-founder of the American Honey Tasting Society, Owner of Red Bee Honey, and the Only Certified Honey Sommelier in the United States

Carly Stein

The CEO of Beekeeper’s Naturals

Leigh-Kathryn Bonner

The Founder of Bee Downtown

Hilary Kearney

The Founder of Girl Next Door Honey

Ariella Day

The Founder of Beekeeping in Skirts and Honey Bee Wild

Jen Rasmussen

Creatrix of Paradise Nectars

Jasmine Joy

Founder of Beelieve Hawai’i and Co-founder of Hawai’i Bee Collective