Sensi Night!

Kangen Water Revolution

Connecting with Cannabis Comrades!

Connecting with Cannabis Comrades!

Sensi Magazine is a cannabis lifestyle magazine that hosts cannabis industry nights around the country, with dozens of vendors, music, and more. 

Last Wednesday, it was their 3 year anniversary and 420 celebration in Denver. I saw this as a perfect event to connect with local Colorado cannabis growers about using Kangen water for their plants. But how, in a crowd of people and electronic music so loud I could barely hear the person next to me, would I meet the growers who might be interested in this opportunity? 

I know! I’ll wear a sign! 

When I’m passionate about something, subtly has never been my forté. 


I tapped back into my college activist days holding signs in the street protesting the Iraq war and George W. Bush’s agenda…the good ol’ days. The wiser, and more mature self, decided to save my arms the effort of holding a sign, and instead made a sandwich board. In the spirit of revolution, I had the sign say “Revolutionize Your Cannabis with Kangen Water” on the front, and information about the benefits on the back. 

Check out my blog about the benefits of using Kangen Water for Cannabis and all agriculture.

A few days before the event, I happened to score a brand new designer strapless cocktail dress at Goodwill for $6, that when worn with the sign over, had the illusion of me wearing nothing but the sign. Scandalous. Ridiculous. I know. But I’m committed to this initiative, and believe that Kangen water can absolutely revolutionize organic agriculture. 

No one ever changed the world without a little courage, and a little crazy. 

Even the poster board I bought matched my vision. When I walked into Walgreens, I figured they would probably just have white poster board, and that I’d have to go to a bigger box store to find florescent green or yellow poster board. However, though they did not have the obnoxious colors I had hoped for, they did have a gold glitter bordered poster board. Perfect. 

My dear friend Kayla was a crucial companion, and helped me execute this spectacle with ease. Walking in, I held my sign by my side, and no one said a word. Before we entered the main room, I put it on, took a deep breath and kissed my insecurities goodbye. 

Damn. This was not easy. You don’t exactly make friends in a crowded room when you’re wearing a big sign that jabs into everyone you pass. “Sorry, excuse me, pardon me”… nobody could even hear my apologies over the bass booming from the DJ booth. How was I ever going to talk to anyone about Kangen water!?


Oh yea, I’m wearing a sign that talks about it! And guess what? It worked! Growers who were interested, came to me! Still, to get my pitch out, I basically had to shout my main points at them to break through the madness around me. “IT HELPS TREAT AND PREVENT MITES, MOLD, AND MILDEW!” “IT CAN SAVE YOU $10,000 A YEAR OR MORE!” “IT’S ORGANIC AND WON’T BURN YOUR PLANTS!” Thankfully, it was effective.

I also had people approach me who had heard of Kangen water just for their personal health. It felt so good to share how Kangen water has helped me, and how I am on a mission to share it with others. I gave out over 20 of my business cards, and collected 6 solid leads.

Simultaneously, I was handing out samples of NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil and met up with a couple of my coworkers from there. Even though we didn’t have a booth at the event, we still represent! It is such a blessing to represent two products that I believe in 100%! Kangen water and NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil… the healthiest dream team I’ve ever seen!

What’s next for Kangen Water and Cannabis? 

I’m obtaining a second Kangen machine, the Enagic Super501, which will be offered as a lender machine to interested local cannabis growers for 1-4 weeks, with the agreement to allow social media coverage of the results. I know with a few Colorado cannabis testimonies, I’ll be able to reach more and more growers of all agriculture with the potentials of Kangen water! 

Until I can start filming my own Kangen testimonies, please check out my biggest inspiration, Mahalath, and her latest video:

Are you intrigued? Do you want richer, healthier plants, while optimizing your organic standards, plus saving money!? I believe in this initiative so much that I think it can revolutionize our entire agriculture system, but let’s start with cannabis! 

To the grower who is Ready to Grow… Let me know

Lastly, it happens to be Earth Day today… so you know, Happy Earth Day EVERYDAY!

Change Your Water, Change Your World! 

Me, trying to talk to someone at Sensi Night :)

Me, trying to talk to someone at Sensi Night :)