Return to Origin: Cannabis and Kangen Part II


Enagic Super501 water machine set up for agriculture

Enagic Super501 water machine set up for agriculture

When life aligns in ways that lift you up, I pray you are brave enough to fly.

Right now, I feel like I am flying. It is terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. Last week marks a historic moment in Honey Huntress herstory! Last week, the use of Kangen water proved to be effective to the level of transitioning a commercial cannabis grow-op to an organic cannabis grow-op. I couldn’t be more grateful to have found such amazing growers to work with and to have such amazing results. And this is only the very beginning.

It is an incredible feeling to know the kind of change this could bring for agriculture on a wider scale, but at this moment, we celebrate the change it is going to make for these first Colorado cannabis growers who are using Kangen water instead of pesticides.

PurGroMarijuana is a family owned and operated recreational cannabis farm in Pueblo, CO. One of their owners reached out to me after seeing a post I put on a Facebook group for people in the CO cannabis industry. Though I was completely chastised by numerous people in the group for my post (calling it a scam), I had a few visionary owners contact me to take me up on my offer: Free use of a lender Kangen machine to try on their plants, and the simple request of sharing results. No purchase necessary.

I believe in the benefits of this water so much for humans, animals, and plants. My genuine motivation is to learn more, help others, and revolutionize global agriculture. Of course, I hope the people who try this machine will purchase their own, but much more so that they can continue receiving the benefits, not as much so that I can make a sale. My benefit comes much more in seeing and sharing these results so that others can make the same money-saving and planet-saving decision!

Up in Smoke

We are starting to draw significant connections between major health issues and when someone consistently consumes food grown with toxic chemicals used as pesticides. This risk is only increased when those pesticides are used on the plants we smoke!

Picture by Luis Arreola, grower at PurGroMarijuana: Bobby is spraying the plants with 2.5pH water

Picture by Luis Arreola, grower at PurGroMarijuana: Bobby is spraying the plants with 2.5pH water

The lungs have a high absorbency rate (~40%), and when taking in toxins there can be very negative outcomes to the body. When smoking or vaping cannabis, it is important to know the growing practices of where those plants came from. Of course, if you live in a legal state this is often much easier. I think back to my many years of smoking cannabis while living in Wisconsin… I had no idea what I was smoking or where it came from, nor did I know to care. It is important to know and to care.

The cannabis industry is growing exponentially, and the direction it grows is determined by the consumer’s dollar! When you decide to invest in organic, whether cannabis or other agriculture, you are casting the most powerful vote for the health of our planet and you!

Thankfully, legal states like Colorado have limitations to the pesticides that can be used on cannabis farms, and growers are required to have their plants tested. However, these limits do not guarantee safe consumption, and it is important to ask at the dispensary about their growing practices.

I can speak from so much personal experience that even the energetic space the plants are grown in makes a difference too! To those who understand that this is a sacred medicine, this is vital. Whether food or medicine, plants hold energy. I especially loved how at PurGro they had high vibration music playing throughout their greenhouse and their employees all seemed happy to be there! This makes a difference, and I’m so grateful to have connected with such a stellar operation.

Return to Origin

Happy Plants = Happy People!

Happy Plants = Happy People!

Kangen is a Japanese word meaning Return to Origin. Before the industrial revolution, traditional farming was done with only organic methods. By using Kangen water we have an opportunity to return to organic farming in an affordable, convenient, and sustainable way.

Plant Applications:

  • Alternating 2.5 and 11.0 every three days helps prevent and treat mites, mold, and mildew. (can be sprayed in full flower)

  • Use 11.0pH for seed germination in 6-8 hours, improved seedling development, and clone root growth rate.

  • 5.5-6.0pH for watering (rainwater pH is 5.6)

  • 7.0pH for nutrient applications and foliar compost teas sprays to help increase yield.


The true cost comparisons are hard to make due to all the valuable uses of Kangen water. At PurGro, they loved using the 2.5 to replace all their cleaning chemicals for disinfecting their grow rooms, trim tables, and equipment, in addition to the application on their plants for pest management. The 11.0 can also be used as a cleaner for degreasing and removing resin from trim machines/equipment, bongs, dab rigs, etc.


In any commercial farming, when toxic chemicals are used on the plants, they have to be logged and submitted to the Department of Agriculture. Employees need to wear full hazmat suits and carefully mix the formulas. Kangen water eliminates the need for all this time and safety precautions. It can be used at any time of the day, whereas many pesticides cannot be sprayed in direct light.

Let’s do this!

Let’s do this!


Kangen machines are certified medical-grade machines, made to last for over 20 years with good cleaning and maintenance. There is no more need for plastic jugs of pesticides, so you eliminate the use of pesticides and plastic together! Increasing crop yields and quality, and decreasing costs all around make this the most sustainable investment ever!

What Are You Waiting For?

It is not a question of IF, but WHEN the Best organic cannabis and food will be known for coming from farms that use Kangen water! Even if all you have is a backyard garden or some houseplants, these uses of Kangen water will make your entire home healthier and happier.

How do you measure wealth, in money or health? Investing in a Kangen water machine is the best decision I have ever made. Are you ready to really GROW? Let me know!