Revolutionary Abundance

Scarcity Illusion


“I Hate Money!”

The number of times I have thought and said this phrase, I don’t know, but I do know that, for a long time, it was the foundation of all my beliefs about what is wrong with this world. Can you relate?

I thought I would always be a struggling social and environmental activist, working as many jobs as I could to afford to travel now and then. I have spent the majority of my life with a scarcity mindset, believing I would never have enough…and people who achieved monetary success were greedy and evil.  Damn, was I wrong.

Not 100% wrong, but definitely wrong in that I was totally limiting myself and my ability to achieve monetary success without greed or evil needing to be in the equation. By understanding Money is just an Energy, like everything else in this world, all I needed to do is learn how to work with this energy, instead of against it. I changed my mindset from scarcity mindset to Abundance mindset and my whole life is starting to open to all the opportunities I ever dreamed of.


This is Revolutionary.


Rock Bottom

PSA: Millennials BEWARE! Work-trade opportunities are often genius marketing for modern day indentured servitude.

Cleaning a chicken coop, yet not allowed to eat the eggs

Cleaning a chicken coop, yet not allowed to eat the eggs

Though I have had many financial low points in my life, one year ago I was working in one of the most toxic work environments I had ever worked in. I was hired as a beekeeper and horticulturist on a guest ranch in the Rockies, and on the surface, it seemed perfect! They offered staff housing and meals, and I thought I would save so much money living simply as an organic farmer in the mountains.


Unfortunately, their wage was less than $10 an hour once food and housing were deducted. And the food? Even though they offered organic farm to table food to their guests (that I was helping grow), they did not offer it to their staff. So, I ended up spending half of my mini-paycheck on additional food. And the housing? If you’ve never experienced bed bugs, I pray you never do. Bed bugs, mice infestations, and bear break-ins…. “All part of the experience,” they would tell me.


Work-trade jobs like this, where food and housing are offered in exchange for work, often appear to be a great deal, but the truth is, they are wonderfully framed opportunities to take advantage of your labor for very little pay. I moved from farm to farm on the island of Maui with similar arrangements, but the housing was often a tent or a yurt in the jungle with millions of mosquitoes, rainstorms, jungle rats, and wild pigs. Being poor in paradise is just as bad as being poor anywhere, except with more tropical fruit and the ocean. Still…

My honeybee refuge

My honeybee refuge

When you know how much you are worth, these experiences no longer appear so valuable if you leave them broke and unempowered. Often these arrangements specifically Do Not empower you, so that you are less capable to move on, and they benefit from your labor as long as possible.  At the ranch in the Rockies, they offered me a raise/promotion, and then claimed they didn’t have the budget to increase my hourly by one dollar (This coming from a ranch where guests pay $40,000 a week to stay.) Since I was already isolated in the mountains without money, I didn’t have the option to leave when this offering wasn’t honored. Talk about the feeling helpless.


The management and ownership of this ranch were some of the worst I’ve ever worked for. I promised them one year of employment when I was hired, and I honored my commitment, though they consistently devalued me. Despite not being able to afford to leave, in my heart I convinced myself I was staying for the bees, and they were my refuge.

Revolutionary Entrepreneur

My business mentor: Amelia Whelan

My business mentor: Amelia Whelan

At the same time, I was following an amazing young entrepreneur on Instagram named Amelia Whelan. She talked about money like air… neither good nor evil, and always there to sustain you if you let it. She talked about Abundance mindset versus scarcity mindset, and when I discovered these concepts my brain literally felt like it was being remolded from a lifetime of anger, and hate, and avoidance of money, to someone totally comfortable and empowered by the thought of making A LOT of money.

Money comes to me naturally.

Money comes to me naturally.

Can you say that? Like say it out loud and believe it? Try it with me:

I am comfortable and empowered by making a lot of money.

One more time.

I am comfortable and empowered by making a lot of money.

It has taken multiple attempts at saying this out loud for me to finally believe it. I have had to reprogram an entire lifetime of fearful beliefs about making and managing a lot of money. But now, I have, and I feel free.

My Instagram business mentor Amelia is making 6-figures a year, traveling the world, and is only 25 years old. She is using this money to help and empower others. I know I am fully capable of the same abundance and generosity, and now, I’m ready.


Empowered Abundance

I want You to Win TOO!

I want You to Win TOO!

With Amelia’s inspiration, I finally got off the ranch and moved to the big city to work for an organic CBD oil company, where I am now valued monetarily and non-monetarily more than I ever have been before at a job. But…this isn’t the end of my adventure into abundance.


I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur, but as it turns out, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. While I thought I hated money, I actually just hated working for the man in order to make money! Damn, what a difference. I see now that I am fully capable of working for myself and helping others to do this too. I see now that we live in a time where money does not need to be attached to your time. I see now that instead of wasting time on the social media I use every day, I can use that same time and platform to make money! 

Once you crack this code: You Win!

What is Breakaway Movement?

I feel like I found the Golden Ticket, and all I wanna do is share it with YOU!

Shortly after I moved to Denver (actually the town of Golden, just outside Denver), I joined Breakaway Movement, and my life did a complete 180. From isolation and scarcity to community and abundance, I finally found my people. Breakaway Movement showed me that I can successfully run my own business, work from anywhere in the world, and empower others to do the same. 

This is the revolution I’ve been waiting for. How about you?

Revolutionary Abundance

Revolutionary Abundance

Are you ready to work for yourself? Are you ready for true abundance and freedom in your life? Are you ready to Breakaway?

Breakaway Movement offers an online business training platform with the opportunity to affiliate with high-ticket, health and wellness products like Kangen Water Machines, and connect with a global community of like-minded, world-changing entrepreneurs. 

I am creating a team of amazing revolutionary entrepreneurs ready to adventure in abundance with me, and work to make a difference on this planet through clean water, plant medicine, and honeybee education.

If I can be an entrepreneur…ANYONE CAN BEE! Are you Ready??? Bee the change you wish to see. 

Are you thinking: Maybe one day? Or are you thinking: Today is the day! The choice is up to you!

Now, I can honestly say

I Love Money!


As my friend Claire says, “Money is energy, and my energy is rich.”