Cannabis and Kangen

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Cannabis and Kangen

Have you ever tried to grow cannabis? Maybe not, but have you ever tried to grow anything? Tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, flowers? If you’re not growing outside in an area with the perfect amount of rain, the most important human responsibility for helping any of these plants grow is WATER. 

Love to dance with these ladies!

Love to dance with these ladies!

My first time in a garden full of cannabis plants was life changing. To a plant freak, this is the most interesting plant on the planet. In fact, it doesn’t even look like it is from this planet. I worked in the northern California mountains during a couple of harvest seasons, but always arrived before the plants were cut down so I could see them in all their glory. My job was to weave in and out of the sticky branches of these 4-6 ft tall cannabis trees to remove any dead leaves. Occasionally, I would eat a baby bud like popcorn. It was an intimate dance with this beautiful plant, and I loved every moment. 

The west coast mountains brought a good balance of sunshine and moisture, but the worry during the days before harvest is too much moisture, which can cause mold. Every grower I’ve worked with has struggled with moldy buds. And if I knew then what I know now, I could have been bringing this valuable idea to the cannabis table over 5 years ago! Well, better late than never, especially with the federal legalization of hemp and spreading legalization of marijuana. The cannabis industry needs Kangen water Now!

Plants and Kangen

When I was first introduced to Kangen water, I was focused on the health benefits of drinking alkalized water with activated molecular hydrogen (which is a fancy way of saying it is very powerful antioxidant). I was also super stoked that the 2.5 pH could replace any chemicals used for disinfectants, and the 11.0 pH could eliminate most degreasers. The recommended water to give to pets is the neutral 7.0 pH water. However, my main interest since I got my machine was how could this water benefit plants?!

Enagic, the company that created Kangen water machines, is a 45 year old Japanese company. They have introduced Kangen water to Japanese greenhouses and rice fields and the results are incredible. Of course, I was not the only one who saw that if Kangen could do this for cucumbers, imagine what it would do for cannabis!

I was introduced to a woman named Mahala Wealthy, who is another Kangen distributor and has pioneered selling Kangen water machines to cannabis growers out in Oregon. Also, she has done a lot of work to create educational YouTube videos, which demonstrate the amazing effects of using Kangen water for cannabis. I HIGHLY recommend watching both of these:

After seeing these, I started searching for every video and article I could find on the benefits of using this water for growing plants, and the strong acidic and alkaline water for treating plants. The evidence is outstanding. The second I saw this, I knew what I have to do. 


Let’s Go! I’m on a mission to work with cannabis growers who are ready to revolutionize their grow-op. It’s not a question of IF but WHEN the best growers are going to be using Kangen water. And if you’re the first, you win, straight up. This is a bet you can’t lose. 


Using the neutral 7.0 water while adding nutrients will improve absorption and bioavailability. Using the 2.5pH water, also known as electrolyzed hypochlorus acid, can eliminate all germs and bacteria and is considered a safe sterilizing fluid by the FDA. It is why the Kangen machine qualifies as a medical device; this water is used for sterilization of equipment in hospitals around the world. However, it can also be used as a treatment for plants to eliminate any pests or diseases. Then, alternating with the 11.0 pH, which eliminates any mold or mildew, the plants are fully covered from anything that may negatively effect their health. 

Benefits of Kangen water for Cannabis:

  • Completely Non-Toxic and Organic

  • Improves plants' overall health and immunity *possibly increasing terpene and cannabinoid content!

  • Prevents Mites, Mold and Mildew

  • Much less expensive than "organic" pesticides and fungicides

  • Will not burn plants

  • NO residuals: Clean product = Clean tests

  • Fully covers the entire plant (can be used in full flower)

  • Clones root faster

  • Growth rate improves for seedlings

  • Improves bio-availability of nutrients, and microbial life in the soil

  • 2 for 1, Waters and Treats

I’m looking for 2 local Colorado growers who would like to try my Kangen water on their plants for FREE. Please send me a message, so we can get you set up with the best water on the planet! However, this water and it’s unlimited benefits are available to anyone who is interested. Just send me a message saying “I’m ready to Grow!” and I’ll send you all the information you need to get your own Kangen machine.

Always About the Bees

For me, the question I always ask: Is it good for the bees? The most important thing we can do for the bees is grow organic and buy organic, and stop spraying toxic chemicals! Healthier plants equal healthier forage and less toxins getting in the hives. My dream would be to have an all organic garden supplemented by Kangen water and pollinated by my own hives. I have no doubt my bees would produce more honey and have optimal hive health with Kangen water as their water source. 

I’m very curious if the 2.5 pH could be used as a treatment for varroa mites, but until I get my own bees or find a beekeeper brave enough to try, I have yet to find any research on it. Anyone willing to give it a go? Let me know! Let’s save the bees with H2O!