The Beginning

When you know what you want in life, you have to go out and grab it by the balls. There really just is no delicate way to say that. Before I started at NuLeaf Naturals in their Customer Service department, I told a coworker back at the ranch I was working at that, after a few months at my new job, I was going to propose to become their brand ambassador and travel the world promoting plant medicine. She advised that I don’t get my hopes up, and that those kind of things never work out. Little did she know, I am capable of anything. And her doubts only fueled my fire more. 

A year ago, I was scrubbing toilets for less than $10 an hour, while living in staff housing that had bed bugs and mice infestations. Deciding to stay a winter on an isolated guest ranch working housekeeping, just so I could remain on their horticulture team in the summer was by far not one of my smartest moves. But, ya live and learn, right? And I learned that I will never, ever, Ever give my hard labor away again for that little valuing. So, I moved to the big city and took a big girl job, with my own desk and everything. 


However, starting at NuLeaf Naturals did not come without sacrifice. I actually love hard labor and working outside all day. I love walking to work through fields and forest, with a river in my backyard to jump in after a hot, long day. My wild heart did not want to sit at a desk all day, talking with….people! Gulp! I get along much better with plants, animals, and honeybees. I knew this would be an incredible challenge for my spirit to subdue into the world of human interaction again, but I knew I was capable. 

I also knew that, when the time was right, I could propose a brand ambassador position for the company and why I would be the best one for the job. Patience was now the game, and damn, did I require daily patience. I was part of the ground level team, and along with moving into a new office and website malfunctions, our customer service department is dealing with the best CBD oil on the market in the fastest growing industry in the world…we were swamped. 

Still, I knew that if I could bust ass for this company where it was needed the most, then when I brought my brand ambassador proposal to the table, I will have earned the respect to be heard and the trust to be offered the opportunity. All it took was patience, hard work, and believing in myself that I could fill this role like a boss once given the chance.

The Proposal

Hiking in the hills of South Korea

Hiking in the hills of South Korea

I decided to format my proposal like a newsletter, telling my stories of travel, teaching, and service around the world. I included images of me in South Korea, France, and Rwanda. I spoke to my passion for plant medicine. How I thrive in a role as an educator and entertainer, and I know how to read my audience. My heart was beating out of my chest, but I shared my vision and they listened. 

The CEOs took turns asking me pointed questions about how I would handle opposition or angry customers in person. They asked me about how I would handle the traveling. They asked if I had a good understanding of our business to business policies and information for assuring our distributors that we are always improving our production levels and shipping capabilities. I answered to the best of my knowledge and with an eagerness to know more. 

As the meeting wrapped up, they offered me a position on the team going to Expo West, the natural products expo in Anaheim, CA the first week in March. I, of course, said absolutely! They replied that if I did well at this expo then I would start to move into a full-time traveling brand ambassador position. I was stoked and ready to shine!

The Event

Only 100,000 people. No big deal. I can talk to that many people in my sleep. Ha. Thankfully it wasn’t all at once. Not that I don’t want to speak in front of an audience that size about CBD oil, buuuut, maybe after I’ve done some smaller audiences first? 


We arrived at LAX the night before the event. It was myself and 5 of our best sales reps. The CEOs were meeting us at the event the next morning. Our team had matching white button down shirts with our logo embroidered on the left lapel, and we looked sharp. There was definitely an air of confidence among us all going into this. When you love what you do and the product you represent there is only love to share. 

I was the “sample” girl, and proud of it. It was my responsibility to dose as many people as I could who wanted to try the best CBD oil in the world. All would stop to talk and learn more. It was my job to educate as much as I could and then pass them off to a sales rep to close the deal. We were offering an amazing show deal for new and existing partners, and it was a madhouse trying to organize all the interested parties, but we crushed it. 

Though, I knew I would shine in this role, I had no idea how much acknowledgment I would get for it. This show was my interview for the brand ambassador position, and I’m pretty sure that I can say I nailed it. I had so many compliments and recognition for the job I was doing, that I almost wanted it to stop…almost, but not quite. It was the moment I’ve been preparing for my whole life, and I soaked it up. 

At one point, I was even interviewed on camera talking about our CBD oil. I got so nervous when they put the camera right in my face, but managed to find my voice and explain clearly how full-spectrum CBD oil is something that can benefit almost everyone. The camera man and interviewer said they had never had CBD explained to them so well, and both tried some for the first time. I was very proud. 

My Honey Huntress Adventure

I held it down at our booth, hardly able to eat, my adrenaline was pumping so high. I was so committed, I barely got to see the rest of the show until the last morning. Though I had hoped to meet Paul Stamets with his medicinal mushroom supplement company Host Defense, and talk to him about his work with the bees, he was unable to make the event. So, I sped off on a mission to see as many honey booths as I could in less than an hour. 


My first stop was Beekeeper’s Naturals. I had actually gotten to meet their CEO, and one of my honeybee heroes, Carly Stein the previous day, but like an idiot I did not get a picture with her. So I ran to her booth with a bottle of CBD and the hopes of getting a photo for the records, but no such luck. Though I was able to leave her some CBD oil, she was not there at the time and I had to keep moving. Thankfully, I had a great chat with one of the other participants at their booth and got to try some of their amazing Cacao Superfood Honey.


The next place I saw was Bee Harmony. Here I tried their Hungarian Raw Acacia honey which was so light and delicious. Their website describes it with subtle notes of vanilla and dried apricot and I would have to agree. They sent me home with a 3 oz jar of their American Raw Wildflower honey and it has a brighter citrus flavor with richer notes on the aftertaste like caramel apple. They promote a Beesponsible initiative to help educate about the plight of the honeybee and what each person can do to help. 

GloryBee was so sweet

GloryBee was so sweet

After that, I saw GloryBee, one of the longest standing honey and honeybee equipment companies around, established in 1975. I bought my bee suit from them 5 years ago and it is still my suit. I tried their Raw Montana White Clover Blossom Honey and it tasted like fresh snow and cotton candy. Very floral, like you were eating fresh clover blossoms. Pure decadence. The woman I spoke with had been with the company for over 20 years. They also have a Save the Bee initiative, which donates a portion of their sales to help support honeybee research. 

There were so many more, but so little time. Since CBD oil was the focus of this adventure, the Honey Huntress adventures were an added bonus! So grateful to work for a company that supports my love for bees, and does their part by only growing organic. Thank you NuLeaf Naturals for this incredible opportunity to represent our authentic plant medicine, while also always being a voice for the bees.

What’s Next…

CBD Molecule yoga pants designed by my brother @staylittribe  Click picture to see full store!

CBD Molecule yoga pants designed by my brother @staylittribe

Click picture to see full store!

It sounds like moving forward we are going to discuss some more upcoming expos, including Expo East in the fall. They seem ready to position me for more traveling to work with our distributors across the nation, educating our partners and their customers in person about our high potency, full spectrum, organic CBD oil. I’m so ready. Besides working with plants and bees, this is what I was made to do. 

Ain’t no stopping me now.