The Honey Experience

After the rush of Halloween candy has stabilized, there is an opportunity to appreciate a whole different source of sweetness. My dream as the Honey Huntress is to inspire this world to be a little sweeter by introducing the joy of honey bees and their sweet liquid gold to everyone I can. As the honey bees are nestling in for the winter season here in Wisconsin, we are blessed to still have access to the summer and early fall harvests of their honey. It is my complete honor to share a few of these very special honeys with you in my first ever Honey Experience events.

I could have called these events a honey tasting, or class, or workshop, but what I’m hoping to provide is a full honey experience. It is intended for anyone from the seasoned beekeeper to the newly intrigued honey lover to come and enjoy five different local, raw honeys, and experience their unique colors, aromas and flavor characteristics. As we enjoy each variety, we will discuss the differences and take notes for remembering their distinctions.

The evenings will start with a brief introduction about honey bees and honey. I will share the origins and history of honey bees and beekeeping, talk about the modern honey industry, and then discuss the many types and uses of honey. Each participant will have five types of honey to taste, and we will try to guess the floral sources of the nectar each honey was foraged from by those busy bees. After, there will be a tasty table of accompaniments (yummy foods) to eat and pair with the different honeys.

I am very fortunate to be receiving some generous honey donations for the events. The first contribution arrived last week from Dan O’Leary of Honey Valley Beekeeping. Mr. O’Leary has been beekeeping in East Troy, WI for over 20 years. He uses organic methods and houses his bees on organic and biodynamic farm land. He even shared with me that his grandfather was the first biodynamic farmer in the United States. I am very grateful to have some of his honey to share at these events.

With my background in wine, I have led many wine tastings, and as wine is different from grape to grape and region to region, honey is different from flower to flower and beekeeper to beekeeper. A pinot noir from France will taste different than a pinot noir from California, even though it is the same grape. Even wines of the same grape produced in the same region can have different characteristics depending on the microclimates, soil, and winemaker’s techniques. We will apply this understanding in a similar manner to the uniqueness of each honey.

But don’t worry, there is no expectation of expertise! These evenings will have a casual, light atmosphere of learning and laughing. And instead of processed sugar or too many glasses of wine, we will get to experience the beautiful benefits of a natural honey high… without the hangover the next morning!

The events will be held at Aayus Holistic Health Center in Neenah, WI. Since the space can only seat 10 participants per event, we have chosen to offer two dates of the same experience: Saturday Nov. 12th and Saturday Nov. 19, both from 6-7:30pm. Each event is $20 per person and to secure your spot, please deposit $6 online here.

Please join me for the sweetest experience ever! Thank you so much for your honey love!

HoneyLaura Hetland